Psychotherapy and Consultation

Karin Wandrei, PhD, LSCW

Rohnert Park, California and throughout California online

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My Psychotherapy Practice

Do you feel that therapy would be useful but you don't want to be in it forever? I've been there as a client and as a therapist who used to do long-term work. Most of my clients feel like they have achieved their goals in less than 10 sessions.

Are you looking for a licensed therapist who is comfortable working with people in alternative relationship configurations and diverse sexualities? I've worked with many clients over the years who have been heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, transgendered and also people who have been into open relationships, alternative communities, polyamory, and kink. It's not for me to judge yours or anyone else's choices as long as everyone is a consenting adult.

Are you looking for a therapist who believes that marijuana can sometimes be useful as a medicine?

I encourage you to check me out. Feel free to call or email me (click the Contact tab on the menu bar) so we can discuss more about whether we would make a good fit.

You can also go to Karin Wandrei, LCSW to find more information.

My Consulting Practice

I am honored to be one of a select number of participating consultants with The Volunteer Center of Sonoma County.

For 25 years, I was in the trenches as a nonprofit administrator.  My day-to-day practical hands on experience has taught me how to help individuals, groups, and organizations become stronger which makes better communities for ourselves and future generations.

The many years that I practiced as a licensed therapist are invaluable in my work as a consultant.  These skills help me quickly assess situations and develop consulting plans in collaboration with my clients. I easily establish rapport, I am enthusiastic and supportive while always keeping our agreed upon outcomes in mind.

Karin Wandrei, PhD, LCSW, recently retired Executive Director of the Mendocino County Youth Project in Ukiah, CA and consultant/trainer in private practice, is interviewed by Dean Edell, MD, about the challenges of working with youth who live in The Emerald Triangle around marijuana abuse prevention.

I have special talents as a turnaround consultant - that is, helping "fix" organizations that are in serious trouble. How have I been successful?
  • By bringing in a fresh perspective
  • By helping organizations find new structures that work better for them
  • By quickly establishing rapport and confidence
  • By understanding the interpersonal dynamics that underlie all organizations and using them to get buy-in from key individuals
  • By developing accountability systems
  • By acknowledging the scariness of organizational change
  • By providing support and an enthusiastic "yes we can do this" approach that is infectious
  • By being sensitive to core values and culture and helping to preserve those that still work and move on to new ones if necessary.